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in Every sport, the study of exercise physiology allows to calculate the individual fitness level at each training state, before and after the agonistic season.

This way you may exactly program athlete training as a precise rule optimizing performances.

At the Institute of Sport Medicine in Bologna we do the following:


To measure the maximal aerobic power through an incremental stress test at the cycleergometer or at the treadmill and with associate gas analysis ( ergo spirometry ) while monitoring the ecg.


To measure and evaluate all respiratory parameters before, during and after the exercize.

Anaerobic threshold

Through an incremental Stress test ( aerobic test ) at the cycleergometer or at the treadmill and with associate Gas analysis ( ergo spirometry ) and ematic lactate, while monitoring the ecg.  

Wingate test
A 30 seconds test to measure the explosive power

Body composition
Evaluated with a computer system by MEDGRAPHICS

Better to make one test at the season start and to repeate quarterly during training phases.

R. Senaldi M.D.

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