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Sport Medicine in Italy

                                      Sport medicine has a great tradition in Italy. This is due to the
                                      fact that in Italy (a very rare case in the world) the law
                                      wants to protect athlete 's fitness through a periodical check up
                                      (once a year).

                                      the control is made by a physician specialized in sport medicine
                                      and subscribed to FMSI ( Federazione Medico Sportiva Italiana ).

                                      to became a specialist the doctor has to pass first an admission
                                      exam and then he will have to perform a 4 year full-time program
                                      at the Italian University. The study fields covered are physiology,
                                      cardiology, traumatology, training, metabolics, computer science
                                      and so on.

                                      the Institute of Sport Medicine of Bologna makes about
                                      5000 check-up every year and, all the informations are stored into
                                      an electronic database with millions of interesting data about
                                      physiology and pathology in sport activities.

                                      the system works in a network and is able to evaluate statistics of
                                      each parameter inserted during the check up.

                                      during the visit, the m.d. Specialist, performs this sequence of operations: