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At the Istituto di Medicina dello Sport CONI FMSI in Bologna ( ITALY ) we use a Nd:YAG laser for power laser therapy, prepared for this scope by

DEKA M.E.L.A society Firenze ( Italy )

This laser ( SMARTBEAM ), gets an output at 1064 nm, pulsed mode, with the possibility to regulate impulse energy density, power level, emission cycle to allow different outputs depending on subject characteristics.
This laser, thanks to a particular use of laser energy, also grants complete absence of overload and rebound phenomenon.

Near our Institute we made a study to evaluate power laser therapy in muscolar - tendon problems treatement.
We studied and realised an application protocol in over 100 cases of athletes and normal subjects. We made also a standard ralated to the type, intensity and extention of the pathological process ( anyway not more than 10 applications whitin 14 days per case ).
Each subject was objective and subjective evaluated and to exclude the presence of degenerative processes we provide for necessary exams such rx, eco, rmn and tac depending on the case, before and after the treatement.

We register optimal results in 79 % of the cases, where we had complete absence of pain and functional resumption; with fast restart of the sport activity.
In the 19 % of the subjects we cannot register a complete resolution of the pathological process but we might observe a pain regression.

Only in one case we had no effect.

In conclusion we may say that power laserterapy ( pulsed emission ) represents a very important instrument in pain treatement due to osteo muscolar problems and is a valid choice to anaesthesia.

M.D. P. Mondardini

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